Corriere della Sera and PG&W. A new look at Bergamo.

The back of Corriere della Sera Bergamo presented by PG&W.

A new look at Bergamo and the province, a way of reading, and writing, the territory with the overall vision of an authoritative newspaper and special attention to the local reality.

This is the approach of Corriere della Sera, and this is the approach of PG&W, which launched the back with a clear and direct headline, with a double meaning. “Your city has a new newspaper” announces the birth of the newspaper, but at the same time declares that the way the city and the citizens live every day has changed.

The picture is apparently a usual view of the panorama of Città Alta, but in reality is a special photo shoot thanks to the choice of point of view and weather conditions.
The campaign wuill appear on a mix of media, including print, radio, billboards, and web dynamics.