PG&W grows the “little brothers of Italy.”

Brevi, a leader in products for early childhood, has “become bigger thinking of the little ones.” And it is dedicated to them the campaign for the 150th Anniversary of the Unification of Italy, which received an honorable mention to the Child Guardian Awards 2011, an event promoted by “Terre des Hommes” in collaboration with Pubblicità Progresso.

The visual of the campaign is a contemporary interpretation of the “saints, poets and navigators,” where an irresistible little angel, a baby with the laurel wreath and a jaunty sailor are the symbolic “Little brothers of Italy” in the headline.

The jury of the Child Guardian Award, which for the first time also included children, explained the award “For being able to decline the theme of the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy with sympathy, taste and coherence with its mission”.