PG&W in the heart of Corriere della Sera.

Corriere della Sera Brescia is an insert dedicated to news, sports, business and leisure companies in the province of Brescia, on newsstands and online ( from October 18th.

The announcement, as the headline “In the heart of the Corriere della Sera is your city” says, plays on two concepts: the back dedicated to Brescia is physically at the center of the Corriere della Sera and metaphorically is at the center of his interest. A closeness that also becomes affective.

The visual is expressed through two subjects: the first is a view that embraces the entire city, the second is a view of Piazza della Loggia, a symbol of the history and daily life of Brescia. Both seem to emanate from the center of the newspaper, with a visual effect of great impact.
The campaign will appear on a mix of media, including print, radio, billboards, and web dynamics.