PG&W turns 180° the communication Falck Renewables

Falck Renewables, second listed operator in Italy and fourth European pure player in the production of energy from renewable sources, inaugurated in Buddusò – Ala dei Sardi (Sardinia) the most important Italian wind farm for capacity (138 MW).

An important event, communicated through a campaign that literally overturns the panorama of energetic communication. The announcement has two ways of reading. At first glance it may appear as the keel of a huge ship, and its propeller engine. Symbolically, is Sardinia moving toward a future that is cleaner and more technologically advanced, as explained by the headline “A new energy moves Sardinia”. Turning the page, we can see the image of a small hill in Sardinia on which two wind turbines appear. In this case, the headline proclaims simply the fact: “Falck Renewables inaugurates the largest wind farm in Italy.”

A communication that will make advertising of renewables turn the page.