PG&W turns on the headlights of Mahindra.

Mahindra Europe, importer for the whole Europe, entrusted its communication to PG&W, the advertising agency that applies the principles of convergent marketing.

The main objective is to create interest around the brand and the concept of “Rise”. An idea of overcoming the limitations and improving the quality of life that is made real by car as XUV500, a 7-seater and accessorized SUV, and the range GOA, robust and versatile work vehicles.

The first episodes of the collaboration between Mahindra and PG&W are the campaigns dedicated to these two models. The advertisement of XUV 500 declines in several subjects the main feature of the car, the 7 comfortable seats. Daily stories, which tell the Italian reality. The campaign GOA focuses on the carrying capacity of the pick up, along with the total tax deductibility, with a fresh and fun visual that immediately brings to mind the idea of “working instrument.” Also this campaign is declined in several ads, dedicated to specific work area.