We fell in love with thousands of Atalanta supporters.

A slogan that says it all about the passion that makes unique an Atalanta supporter . “Love from the first minute” is the headline of the campaign subscriptions of the Atalanta team for 2012-2013.

The slogan focuses on the strong bond that exists between the supporters and the football team, underlined by the love heart symbol on the black-blue flag background.
A visual that transcended the boundaries of the web, print and posters to get on limited edition t-shirts , worn by all the players and the President of Atalanta Antonio Percassi.
The campaign has won wide acclaim from the beginning, highlighted by the survey conducted by Eco di Bergamo online, winning over the heart of thousands of supporters or not .
A success that rewards the revolutionary marketing initiative of Atalanta, which for the first time in Italy provides a number of benefits to subscribers, represented in the campaign with drawings by Studio Bozzetto.