Pensiero divergente, comunicazione convergente.

Divergent thinking,
convergent communication.

They leaf through a book on their tablet, but love the smell of the ink. They choose their car on the internet, but want to try it before buying. They publish photos on Facebook but believe in true friends.

They are today’s customers, “centaur” consumers divided between reality and technology.

Choose how to talk to them is not easy. They may prefer the synthesis of a text message, the emotion of a commercial, the deepened information of a brochure, the speed of an email. Otherwise all together, but in different moments and in different places.

It is what we call “convergent communications”.
It’s our way of working, and it is made to measure centaurs. Beings that run fast to the rhythm of the new technologies, but inside have the same heart as always.

A volte non basta fare colpo.

Sometime to hit
is not enough.

A hit on the egg is for sure impressive, but it can be also an omelette.

Out of the figure of speech and inside communication, creativity alone is not enough, even if it is explosive. That’s why we calculate with attention our messages, adapting them to the reality of our client and their public. With ads that not always hit, but always hit the mark.

Mettiamo mano anche ai casi più spinosi.

We put our hands
also on the most thorny cases.

We like challenges, especially if they seem impossible.

We can say it because we solved thorny cases, take chestnut off the fire, turned pumpkins into coaches. Not by magic, but with fantasy. Applied to a meticulous database, gathered with care and analyzed with passion, to reach the most appropriate solution as quickly as possible.

Quello che serve, in un soffio.

What you need,
in a breath.

There are no right or wrong agencies, but appropriate agencies.

PG&W is compact and flexible but, when you need, it quickly activates partnership with media centers, strategic advice societies, events and PR agencies.

Because communication, without dead weight, flies higher.